Armenia Adds Chess to the Elementary Curriculum

The Armenian Minister of Education has just announced that chess will become a compulsory part of its elementary curriculum. Starting at the age of six, all Armenian children will receive chess instruction for two hours every week. The total cost of this project will be approximately 1.5 million dollars and will ensure that the small country of Armenia will be a chess juggernaut for years to come.
   Hats off to the Armenian Government for investing a small sum of money to improve the critical thinking skills of all their children.

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One Response to “Armenia Adds Chess to the Elementary Curriculum”

  1. Nick Says:

    I even heard teaching chess to a 4 year old kid so I think a 6 year old kid is a good enough time to teach such board game. What’s important is that the school hols a good program on chess that would sustain through the years. The teachers must be well-trained as well and they should know how the basic principles of chess before teaching it. I am impressed with the government in Armenia for supporting the game and encouraging students and pupils to learn it.

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