2006 Golden Knights Chess Championship: The Finals

Its been a while since I have posted about my correspondence chess exploits. So far, my most notable achievement is making the Finals for the 2006 Golden Knights Chess Tournament.

The Golden Knights Chess Tournament is the USCF’s open correspondence chess championship. During the preliminary round, contestants are broken into seven player sections. Those who score 4.5/6 or better advance into the semi-final stage. The process is repeated again and the strongest players advance to the finals. Each stage typically lasts 2.5 years and the score totals are weighted giving more value to wins that occur in the later stages.

My section in the finals is 06NF03. This particular section has several elite correspondence chess players. One such player is Abe Wilson. Abe has already won the Golden Knights twice! Another opponent I am facing is the great James Tracz.  James has won every single game he has played so far in the 2006 Golden Knights. Also worth mentioning is the always amicable Barry Walker. I have been paired against Barry two previous times in this tournament and I feel fortunate to have drawn on both occasions.

Americans interested in participating in correspondence chess tournaments should visit: http://main.uschess.org/content/blogcategory/82/397/

Below is the wall chart for 06NF03.


No         Name                        Rating      1     2  3    4    5    6    7     Total

1 Abe Wilson


2407 1
2 James Tracz 2401


1 1
3 Chris Torres


2282 1 1
4 Barry Walker


2224 0 1 ½


5 Menahem Ovadya


2206 w W w w w w 0-6
6 Robert Boles


2172 0 ½


7 John Walton



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