Chess Homework: 1

Below is the Torres Chess and Music Academy’s chess homework section 1. Find the best line for white in all the problems.

Nimzowitsch vs. Neumann  1899Difficulty: **

Nimzowitsch vs. Neumann 1899
Difficulty: **

Bisguier vs. Geisler 1991Difficulty: **

Bisguier vs. Geisler 1991
Difficulty: **

Bacrot vs. Fressinet 1999Difficulty: ***

Bacrot vs. Fressinet 1999
Difficulty: ***


Blackburne vs. Martin 1876Difficulty: ***

Blackburne vs. Martin 1876
Difficulty: ***


Lasker vs. Englund 1913Difficulty: ***

Lasker vs. Englund 1913
Difficulty: ***


Alekhine vs. Forrester 1929Difficulty: *****

Alekhine vs. Forrester 1929
Difficulty: *****


Alekhine vs. Frieman 1924Difficulty: ******

Alekhine vs. Frieman 1924
Difficulty: ******


Colle vs. Soultanbeieff 1930Difficulty: ********

Colle vs. Soultanbeieff 1930
Difficulty: ********







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