A Matter of Opinion

Interesting perspective on correspondence chess.


The discussion about OTB Chess and CC is alive and there and will continue forever due to the possibility of using engines in CC . During  my own CC games I have the opportunity to exchange ideas with some of my opponents. In general there are several  , say, “schools of thought” :

1.- Those who play CC or CC and OTB and don’t care about the matter.

2.-Those who play CC and OTB and have strong opinions about the matter.

3.- Those who only play CC and are somewhat “angry” at how it is played these days (with the use of engines and databases for instance…)

4.- And so on…

First of all,  I base my ideas upon what I consider a fundamental fact: 

Today’s CC and OTB  are totally different ways of playing Chess.

Let’s see some of the differences:

1.- In OTB Chess the players cannot…

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