Calculation,Intuition, Both…

Revisiting Spassky from another blogger’s perspective.


In a previous post I spoke of the influence Alekhine exerted  on Spassky. If you study both, you will really feel the connection, though sometimes it is very difficult to express it in words. Spassky always strived for positions full of tactical or combinative possibilities relying on his intuition and calculation skill. In most of his games the overall landscape seems unclear, blurred, lacking clear strategical indications. In other players’ games you  can follow their tactical lines of thought. As Spassky blended it with an immense underground intuitive work, many of his games seems very complicated, nearly chaotic, until the ideas finally emerge . Sometimes you wil need to play through his games twice or three times to fully appreciate the details. Do not miss the following game or dismiss it because of the result, for instance:

W.: B. Spassky 

B.: R. Jolmov

Moscow 1957. 

1.  d4, Nf6/ 2. c4…

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