Capablanca – Corzo match, game 9

Capablanca’s games are always a pleasure. Here is game 9 from the Capablanca – Corzo match.


The young Capablanca won the last encounter. After eight games the match is even: 4-4. Each player has two wins with four games drawn.

In today’s game Capablanca has the white pieces. He opens with the queen’s pawn and Corzo replies with the Dutch Defense, the same opening strategy he used as Black in games three and seven which he drew.

Let’s follow today’s game move-by-move…

J.R. Capablanca vs. Juan Corzo y Principe 
Match, Game 9
Location: Club de Ajedrez de La Habana
Date: Wednesday, December 11, 1901
Opening: A83 – Dutch Defense

1.d4 f5   2.e4
As in game 7, Capablanca goes for a temporary pawn sacrifice in exchange for quick development.

And as before, Corzo accepts it.

3.Nc3 Nf6   4.Bg5
Attacking the defender of the e4-pawn.

Defending the e4-pawn with 4…d5 would be wrong because of 5.Bxf6 exf6   6.Qh5+ winning a pawn.


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