Candidates tournament 2014

So far the Candidates tournament of 2014 has not disappointed. Here is some more analysis of the event so far:


Today is a rest day in this year’s Candidates tournament.

Of course, chess fans are served brilliantly nowadays with several sites to watch it live (my preference is and then GM analysis posted within hours of the games having been played (again, my favourite of favorites is

When I have time, I also like to look at the game of the day videos on the Internet Chess Club, ICC, and this morning, before the family were up, I watched the videos for the GOTDs of the first three rounds.

I am largely indifferent as to who wins the tournament. I would like it to be Lev Aronian, but he has got of to a shaky start; Vladimir Kramnik, whose energetic play I find a joy to watch; Peter Svidler or Veselin Topalov too; and of course Vishy Anand, who has got off to a superb…

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