Shock and Awe

Viswanathan Anand gets off to a great start at the 2014 Fide Candidates!

There and Back Again

The Candidates tourney really snuck up on me this year – for the first time since starting this blog, I didn’t manage to get off a set of proper predictions for such a major event!

Through three rounds, I’m quite happy with the standings even though they’re not at all what I would have expected:

(1) Anand: 2.5

(2-3) Kramnik, Svidler 2

(4-5) Topalov, Aronian 1.5

(6-7) Andreikin, Karjakin 1

(8) Mamedyarov 0.5

I wrote earlier that I didn’t have high hopes for Anand in this event. Even after a very nice win in Game 1 against Aronian, I was hesitant to say that the tournament would go well. And while I’m still not entirely convinced that he’s back to 2008 form, the subsequent two games against Topalov and Mamedyarov suggest that he’s at least in good form. I guess you could say I’m cautiously optimistic …

These two wins don’t seem…

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2 Responses to “Shock and Awe”

  1. Stephan Tompkins Says:

    Look person, ANAND is a proven Champion. Been there done that and will be there it again. He is not a Cinderella that was gifted a golden spoon, and he is not too old, to tired, or suffering from burn- out. Let hope he paid off his credit card, and can give his many supporters some more Powerful Chess. Stephan

  2. Carlsen vs. Anand: World Chess Championship 2014 | Chess Musings Says:

    […] crushing defeat and chess to be taken over by the “young guns” of the sport. However, Viswanathan Anand quickly returned to form and convincingly defeated his rivals at the 2014 Candidates Tournament. In doing so, he won the […]

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