The NCAA Tournament and March Madness? You have Henry Porter and Howard Staunton to generally thank.

The roots of the NCAA Basketball Tournament apparently can be traced to Howard Staunton?!

The Context Of Things

This Thursday used to represent my favorite day of the year. It still probably does in some respect, although I didn’t follow college hoops super closely this year, so I’m a little out of the game. But it’s essentially wall-to-wall basketball for two days, then mostly wall-to-wall basketball for another two, with the possibility of insane upsets and finishes anytime there’s a tip. It’s amazing. It’s quite literally madness. I’ve been to Vegas three times for this thing, I’ve cut school for this thing, I’ve driven all through the night for this thing, etc. I adore it. (Note: it’s a little less cool watching an Elite Eight game off-strip next to a drunk family from Montana where the dad is passed out on the bar snoring, but that’s what happens when you book travel poorly.)

So let’s talk context. Why in the ever-loving hell is it called “March Madness?” Glad…

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