Anyone for chess?

Tim Harding is one of the best kept secrets of chess literature. As an added bonus, he is also a really nice guy.


chess players

Eminent Victorian Chess Players: Ten Biographies by Tim Harding

I have played chess. I thought it would be fun to read about other players. So when this book became available through Early Reviewers at, I thought to myself why not and put in my request to receive it.
This book is packed with a lot of information on the ten subjects and quite a few games are illustrated.
If you want to learn more about the Victorian era of chess or the names; William Davies Evans, Howard Staunton, John Jacob Löwenthal, Henry Edward Bird, Arthur Bolland Skipworth, William Steinitz, Joseph Henry Blackburne, Johannes Herman Zukertort, Amos Burn, Isidor Arthur Gunsberg, mean anything to you, then I would HIGHLY recommend reading this work.

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