Bird Opening

A fun article on the Bird Opening with an enjoyable miniature.

Suffern Chess Club*


Continuinbird01-ewg our theme of animals and chess, this month we will bring our attention to the bird opening …

Of course, if you are a student of the game, you might know that there really is a Bird opening. According to MCO14, the English master H.E. Bird (1830 – 1908) played this opening in his heyday during the latter part of the nineteenth century. There is a certain amount of surprise value in using this opening as few people come across it in practical play. Many players adopted it in the early part of the twentieth century including Tartakower, Nimzovich and Larsen.

On the plus side, the opening moves provide a unique pawn structure. The general goal is to achieve control of the dark squares. Here’s a sample miniature from July 22, 1873 in which Mr. Bird pecks apart Oscar Gelbfuhs a Moravian-Austrian chess master.

Bird_1f4Starting off with the…

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