Genuflect the King

stinar's cyanide

Vielpin: “Okay brother, if you beat me today I will get you a dwarf Ginkgo Biloba for your garden.”
Sam: “You promise, Vielpin?”
Vielpin: “I promise Sammy.”

Sam: “So when is father’s funeral?” (d4)
Vielpin: “cremation ceremony” (Nf6)
Sam: “Oh. Well when is it?” (c4)

Vielpin: He is expecting to go of course. Should I divulge the date? Let us see if he presses…

Vielpin: “Soon. Do you know of where he may have wanted to be scattered?” (e5)
Sam: “Why, the Danube River of course.” (dxe5)

Vielpin: Ha! He knows this is Budapest… or at least a part of him does… are you feeling locked in Sammy? Reveal to me your subconscious as you play more sub par chess and speak in more stupid riddles.    

Vielpin: “In Hungary? Why would you say such a thing?” (Ng4)
Sam: “I don’t know, just a gambit really… I never did ask father where he…

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