Test your chess: Reitstein problem 196


Black to play and win

A good exercise: try to be precise

N du Pissanie v C Wolpe 1976

I felt that 1…Rf3! 2 gf[] Rh2 was the solution, and this indeed is Reitstein’s solution.

I saw 3 Qb6! but felt that black would eventually win, which indeed he would.

After 3…ab 4 Kh2[] the above position is reached, and after say 4…h5 5 Rfe1 (threatening Re8+) Kf7 6 Re3, black will push his pawns and, barring a mishap, will win. ‘Barring a mishap’ means: in practice, I could fritter away the advantage.

Reitstein doesn’t give the fairly obvious 3 Qb6, instead showing how white loses after 3 Kh2: fairly trivial, check, check., check…3…Qh4+ 4 Kg2 Qh3+ 5 Kg1 Qg3+ (the f pawn is pinned) and mate follows.

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