Test your chess: Reitstein problem 197


White to play and win

Black has just played Nb8-d7

MM Millar v I Lewittom , correspondence, 1956

Reitstein makes a point of telling his readers that this was a correspondence game and the position was not found OTB, but I don’t think it is particularly hard: not easy, but not a brain basher.

1 Qh5+! (consider all biffs) and black can either intervene a piece, losing it, move 1…Kf8, being mated by 2 Qf7, or permit the classic smothered mate: 1…Kd8 2 Nf7+ Ke8[] 3 Nd6+ Kd8 4 Qe8+ Re8 5 Nf7 mate.

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