Test your chess: Reitstein problem 202


White to play and win

Reitstein’s rubric for this puzzle, given since I found it really tough is: Spencer assessed this position well: with his next move he converted a superior game into a winning advantage. What did he play?

RT Spencer v D Macfarlane 1978

Because of the clue, I knew that time was of the essence, and sensed that 1 Bc5! was the move, which in fact it is.

However, I couldn’t easily visualise the position after 1…Qc5 (1…dc 2 Ree7 is even better for white than after 1…Qc5) 2 Ree7 Bd4.

Alas, I failed to see my way through the complexities of this position.

Which is better? 3 Rac7; 3 Rf7+; or 3 f5?

Reitstein gives 3 Rac7 ‘and wins’, and indeed it does, after 3…Bg1+ 4 Kh1 Be3 5 Rf7+; or 3…Qd5 4 Rf7+ Kg8 (4…Qf7 5 Rf7+ Kf7 and the LPDO Bd4 drops off, 6…

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