Korchnoi’s Maneuvre: A History

The Hunted Walrus

I have a band, called Alias Orion: http://www.soundcloud.com/alias-orion
I soon plan to release its second album, entitled Korchnoi’s Manuevre.
As part of the teasing process, I would like to give a history of the album, which is a rather interesting one, to me. I tend to like behind-the-scenes stories, so here’s one for the rest of you, if you are the same.
In 1979, the Alan Parsons Project made a bunch of tracks, intentionally bad, to a degree, for a contract dispute. The original album, The Sicilian Defence, was locked away somewhere, never to be seen again… or so everyone thought.
It’s certainly what I thought when I was in high school, just a couple of years after I was introduced to the Project. I appreciate chess, and the title of the album, being a chess reference, intrigued me. I began to conceptualize a “replacement” album of sorts, based on…

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