Chess and competitive intelligence (part 1)

Proactive Intelligence

July 29, 2014

In one of his many excellent science fiction novels, the late Arthur C. Clarke, “invented” a device that basically eliminated privacy. Talking about it, one of his characters said:

“Before [that invention], business was a closed game. Nobody knew my cards….And that gave me a lot of leverage for bluff, counterbluff…I could minimize my weaknesses, advertise my strengths, surprise the competition with a new strategy, whatever. But now the rules have changed. Now the game is more like chess….Now – for a price – any shareholder or competitor, or regulator come to that, can check up on any aspect of my operation….”[1]

It sounds like Clarke was predicting the creation of CI. No, but the effect is similar. So what did Clarke mean that business became a lot more like chess? Hint: just insert the work “business” for “chess” and “competition” for “game” in the following…

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