The Health Benefits of Playing Chess

One Response to “The Health Benefits of Playing Chess”

  1. John Devereaux Says:

    I have read it and perhaps it is to be believed. I just gave it a second thought. Here are three things that I can think of that improve mental cognition.

    1: diet and exercise are possibly the most important. People tend to forget the importance of both. One of them may be sufficient such as physical exercise to conform poor nutrients into better assimilable nutrients but lets not argue that one.

    2: herbal supplements / remedies such as the fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6 from fish, especially have been acclaimed to assist with cognitive health issues including Schizophrenia. I cant recall but perhaps some plant oil extracts do alleviate some cognitive issues.

    3: abstract but something to consider…Clostridium botulinum toxins efface clefts and knobs involved with neurological transmission…but…the neurological system has a powerful capacity to rewire itself and perhaps even by passing any neurological damage in an attempt to work as usual.

    Lastly but not numbered in this, I agree that games such as chess can improve cognitive health and successive performance. After all, it is a training technique whereby the individual identifies their mental composure with a probable outcome in the game.

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