Test your chess: Reitstein problem 220: a good challenge


White to play and win

A good puzzle today: especially if you both find white’s winning attempt, and black’s best defensive try.

S Lewis v I Bekerman 1953

After trying to ‘get to’ h7 by Qh5, Qh4, Qh3 and even Bh7+, and seeing that …g6 is normally the defence, trying 1 g6! deserves to be looked at. Once seen, it is quickly apparent that it is decisive: 1…fg 2 Bg6 and 3 Qh5 follows. Or 1…gf 2 fg+ Kf7 3 Bg6+ skewers the king and queen, and the final main line is 1…gf 2…fg+ Nf7 3 Bh7+! and mates, which was the game continuation. Random defences like 1…Rc3….

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