Test your chess: Reitstein problem 222


White to play and win

PJ Foley v C van Vliet 1980

Not the very best of puzzles, since most reasonable moves win.

A) the game continuation, 1 de fe 2 Rd7! and 3 Rd1! 1-0; or if 1…Qe6 2 Rd7! and 3 Rd1;

B) the move I chose, 2 Rd7!, which is basically a different move order

C) 1 Rd1, which again is a move order play: but not as good (even though winning) since it gives black one more defensive option, namely 1…Bb5 2 Qb5+ Qc6, but 3 Ra5! wins

D) Stockfish’s preference, which I saw but ruled out, but once the engine shows it, it becomes clear. 1 Bd7+!! Rd7 2 Rb6!!

2…Nc6 when 3 Rc6! is easily winning (3…Ra7! 4 Ra6+ or 4 Rc8-+). If 2…Qe7 3 Ra5 1-0.

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