Test your chess: Reitstein problem 224


Black to play and win

BE Siegheim v J Schumer 1905

Reitstein gives the solution (which was the game continuation) as 1…Bf1, so at first I thought the move I found, 1…Nf1+, must have been a mistake, but in fact it is the engine’s first choice too.

Dealing briefly therefore with 1…Bf1, which also wins, white could struggle on (albeit in a lost position) by 2 Qf4 Ne2 3 Re2 ( Reitstein gives 3 Qe3?? Qg2 mate) fe 4 Qg3 hopeless, after say 4…f4, but not immediate.

Instead, 1…Nf1+! is both more obvious and stronger.

Firstly it is a biff, and Purdy exhorts us to examine all biffs: and not just any biff, but a double attack on king and queen, so has to be looked at. I have circled most of the LPDOs in the attached.

2 Rf1 is forced, when 2…Qg3+ follows, with 3 Kh1 being the only…

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