Test your chess: Reitstein problem 225


Black to play and win

Reitstein says that on this correspondence game black announced a mate in 9 (with the rider that there were ways white could throw ruinous material away to drag the game on). It is actually quite a nice exercise to find the main lines.

GW McElhinny v J Martins 1957

The first moves are obvious: 1…Rh2+ 2 Kg1[] (2 Kg1 Qh3 is trivial) Qg3+

White has two moves now.

3 Kf1

I found a very pretty mate here, and was pleased I could see such a long line. (Alas, Stockfish prefers a different move, but confirms mine line wins)

3…Nd3+ 4 Ke2[] Rf2+ 5 Kd1[] Nb2+ 6 Kc1[] Qc3+ 7 Kb1[]

Here, I saw ( from the original position, quite hard, but white’s moves are forced, so it is a single branch) 7…Qd3+! 8 Qd3 (8 Kc1 holds out longer, but the same thing happens: 8…Qc4+!…

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