Test your chess: Reitstein problem 229


Black to play and win

J Tsalicolgou v T Gannholm 1975

Again, not too hard today. 1..Qg3+ 2 Kf1 Qg2+! and if 3 Kg2 Nf4+ and wins the queen, so the simplification is to a winning rook and knight ending with three healthy extra pawns. So 3 Ke1 and 3…Re8+ and black dominates.

So, after 1…Qg3+ instead white must move his king to the e3 (not 2 Ke1 Nf4+ again) then 2…Re1+ and similar play. White doesn’t survive: the N comes into f4, and black has three well placed attackers. In some lines. The LPDO Qd5 is important, for instance when the Black Q is on g2, the Nf3 is pinned.

If here Kc1, Re1+ wins since the N is pinned, so the LPDO Q drops off.

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