Test your chess: Reitstein problem 234


Black to play and win

W Witkin v W Heidenfeld 1935

There is a knight fork Nc3 in the air, so after trying Re2, R8f4, Nc3+ and seeing none are any good, 1…Qb4! is a natural try. When it is seen that 2 Ka2 Qc4+ forks the K and N, the rest of the solution is easy: safe in the knowledge that white’s main try loses a pawn, and leaves black’s pieces in dominating positions.

So, 2 Qc2 Re2! 3 Qe2 Nc3+; 2 Qd3 Re2 3 Ka2 Qb2 mate; 2 Rd2 Qd2; 2 Rc1 Nc1. Each of white’s tries loses at least the exchange.

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