Test your chess: daily chess puzzle #8 : part 2


White to play and win

Part 2: my earlier posting looks at one failed attempt to win.

BP Donnelly v S Lewis 1965

The move has two points. The first one is that if 1…Rd8 (best) then 2 Rb7+, moves the R away with tempo, and 3 Ke2.

Stockfish suggests this is near winning for white. Certainly, at best black will be tortured. It is arguable that black does indeed have the ‘necessary’ two weaknesses (one being he is a pawn down, two being the weak a and c pawns) for the principle to apply, but of course chess is more concrete than that. I have tried to defend as black against Stockfish, and failed each time. It is a good exercise, and I also played it as white once, and managed to defeat it, but not that easily. The position is actually a very good training position.


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