Test your chess: daily chess puzzle # 13


Black to play and win

ABC v XYZ 1941 (two unknown players in a Cape Town club match)

A nice puzzle today. If you remember CJS Purdy’s about threats (as part of your thinking methodology, first ignore a threat, consider what you would prefer to do absent the threat, to help establish if the threat can be ignored).

Also, Purdy’s examine all biffs maxim is relevant here too, and, for good measure, is direction to look for all pins, nets and ties. Here, the Kh1 is at risk of a bank rank mate (so, is in a net).

Put all these ingredients together, mix then up, and 1…Bf2! emerges. Black wins the exchange and the attack goes on. (In fact, Stockfish says it is mate in five after Bf2).

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