Test your chess: daily chess puzzle # 15


Black to play and win

J Baartman v D Morschel 1995

If your solution was other than 1…hg, well done (especially if your solution works!) Reitstein’s rubric says that black discarded 1…hg for a move which won quickly, and he also asks why did black reject 1….hg.

If 1…hg wasn’t your solution, consider stopping now and working out why it fails. My next blog posting will go through the actual solution.

This blog is about why 1…fails (in the sense only sufficient to draw).

White has a forced draw, based on perpetual check. In the mainline, the Re1 keeps the K on the queen side, and the queen checks and checks.

First, some sacrifices, the first of which diverts the B from the a7-g1 diagonal so that white can check on a7 and d4.

1 Rb4+!!

1…Bb4 (1…Ka8?? 2 Qb7 mate; 1…Bb6 2 Rb6+ ab 3 Qb6+ Ka8[] (3…Kc8?? 4…

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