Test your chess: daily chess puzzle # 15, part 2


Black to play and win

A good work out today: worth spending time on: read this blog posting after you have looked at my other posting, posted a few moments ago, on the alternative black try 1…hg

J Baartman v D Morschel 1995

I spent a lot of time on this problem, including getting the pieces and board out. In fact, it turns out that ‘most everything wins.

Reitstein prefers (in the sense ‘only gives’) the move played in the game, 1…Bf3.

Rather than descend into computer analysis, which this position is ripe for, I shall only give a few lines. If 2 gf not 2…Qf3? 3 Bc7+ with perpetual, but 2…h2+ 3 Bh2 Rh2 (Stockfish prefers 3…Qg7+ 4 Rg4 Qh7! assessing it as overwhelmingly winning for black) 4 Kh2 Qf3 and black is winning. If 5 Re8 black takes on f2, and checks his queen back to g6…

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