Test your chess: daily chess puzzle # 18


White to play and win

G Meyer v M Keserovic 1995

The mini sacrifice 1 Qd7+! begs to be examined. The only question is ‘does it win’ since not much material is shed, and the Bg3 is brought into play. 1…Rd7[] 2 e6+ Kd8 3 ed:

It is not too hard to see that the d7 pawn promotes. If 3…h6, 4 Rg7 and 5 Bh4+; or if 3…g5, 4 Be5 and 5 Bf6+: there are no other lines to look at, with e.g. other king moves (2…Kc8, 3 ed+; 2…Kb7 3 ed) being easier.

For good measure, white doesn’t need to play 1 Qd7+!; 1 Qf5 also wins easily, same motif of attack and promotion, but Qf5 is less forceful.

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