Test your chess: daily chess puzzle # 19


Black to play and win

S Stocklose v W Erlank 2004

Reitstein’s rubric says that once you realise that 1…Rac8 is no good for Black, you have to find something else.

With that hint, and after first seeing that 1…Rac8? 2 Qh7+ Kf8[] 3 Qh8+ the queens come off, and black ends up a knight down, it wasn’t too hard to try the desperado 1…Nb3+!

There are only three lines. Trivial is 2 Kb1?? 3 Qa1 mate; 2 cb? Rac8 pinning the queen and leaving the king in the open for black’s queen and rook. So 2 ab is best, but then 2…Qa1+ 3 Kd2[] Rad8+ and it is game over.

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