Test your chess: daily chess puzzle # 21


White to play and win

LR Reitstein v V Huang 1963

White missed the win here, as anyone might, since it was deep, and only careful examination, knowing that there was a solution, made me find it.

1 fg! (examine all biffs) Re6[] (1…Bg7 would be a way to grovel on, but no more than that) 2 Rh7+! (The key move, setting up what follows) 2…Kg8[] 3 Kf5 Re7 (3…Re8 or 3…Re5+ are trivial after 4 Kf6) 4 Kf6 Rh7 5 gh+ Kh7[] 6 d4! and the tempo means black loses his h pawn, whether it advances (Kg5) or whether black’s king retreats (Kg6)

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