Test your chess: daily chess puzzle # 22


White to play and win

A special problem today, worth giving it time, and setting it up on board and pieces. I didn’t (though I did spend a lot of time on it, in my head) and I got part, and not the main part of Reitstein’s solution. So null points for me.

See if you can do better. I will be presenting this puzzle as a several part, since there is a lot in it.

K Solomon v K Willenberg 2003

Reitstein’s solution (but, see below, there is better) is 1 Nf7, which I saw, but missed the follow up.

Firstly, 1…Re4 is a spoiler (in the sense of not permitting white to play his main concept) but means white isn’t sacrificing anything for his attack: 2 Re4 Kf7 3 Rae1 and white is better.

So 1…Kf7 2 Ng5+ Kg8 (or 2…Ke8) 3 Qf8+!

I missed this move, playing…

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