War Pieces

A Book of Moss

NMS_lewis_rook source: national museums scotland

And to think I thought this book was about some obscure archeological subject. About some, to the greater public unknown, carved medieval pieces….how wrong was I! I was already surprised to find that the book had been sold, when I tried to look the book up again. Not that we don’t sell books often ofcourse, but I didn’t expect such a specialised subject to sell that quick.

I admit, I didn’t read the title properly in the beginning. Probably because the figures themselves captured my attention…not hard to imagine when looking at these warriors, eh? A more prosaic explanation would ofcourse be the pregnancy hormones at the time.

They turned out to be not just wonderfully carved figures but chess pieces (as is pretty clear from the book front below). Chess is of a lot more interest to many people, I guess that explains the quick…

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