Test your chess: daily chess puzzle # 38


Black to play and win

M Solomon v D Gluckman 1995

1…Rg1 begs to be played (I am not sure why, but it does, doesn’t it?) the only question is how to follow up. But once you see that 2 Rg1 is met by 2…Bc5+!, the problem is solved.

In a way, I wonder why 1…Rg1 is ‘obvious’? It might be because it assists in trying to promote the h pawn; or it just puts pressure on the Bf3 which is tied to defending h1, so that if 2 Rd1, the white rook isn’t defended by the Bf3 and is instead a LPDO.

I should also mention that my second immediate thought, 1…Rf3+! (examine all biffs) also works: 2 Kf3 Ba3! (Stockfish tells me that 2…a4 is even stronger) and a pawn promotes. The bishop arrives at c1, and the white king can’t contain both the d and the h…

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