My Answer to, “What is one of the hardest mate in 2 puzzles?”

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One of my favorite composers of chess problems is the late Gyorgy Bakcsi. Gyorgy astounds me with how he was able to take a simple premise, such as a forced mate in two, and turn it into a source of such beautiful complexity. Below is one of my favorite “mate in two” problems composed by Gyorgy. I have committed this position to memory and regularly use to stump even the most experienced solvers. Enjoy…

Source: De Waarheid, 1984
Author: Gyorgy Bakcsi


White to move, mate in 2.


There are no extra pieces in the universe. Everyone is here because he or she has a place to fill, and every piece must fit itself into the big jigsaw puzzle.-Deepak Chopra

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6 Responses to “My Answer to, “What is one of the hardest mate in 2 puzzles?””

  1. James R Jacobsen Says:

    Piece is in the way, pawn on c7

  2. GM Nakamura Says:

    Promote pawn on c-file to knight, black takes your queen or something random, and you can checkmate with Nbd6 or Ncd6. Nice one.

  3. luffyace Says:

    1.promote pawn to horse,any moves

  4. luffyace Says:

    1. c8 to Nc8, any moves

  5. Frank Says:

    c8 promote to Queen
    If Kxe5, Qxb8++
    If e3, Qcb4++
    If Qxb2, ???

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