The longest tournament chess game ever played

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My previous chess post on this blog featured the brilliant 19th century US player Paul Murphy winning a sparkling miniature against two opponents at Paris in 1858. This post is about a game at the absolute opposite end of the scale – the longest tournament game ever recorded, in terms of moves.

The game took place in a minor tournament in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1989, and featured two minor players – Ivan Nikolic playing the White pieces, and Goran Arsovic playing the black pieces. A long and difficult ending was reached after 60-odd moves, which eventually after 167 moves turned into one of the standard pawnless endgames in chess – king, rook and bishop for Nikolic against the king and rook for Arsovic. This ending can be theoretically drawn by the player with the rook, but in a tournament setting with time issues, as well as fatigue, it is…

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