Chessbase 13: first trial


I upgraded from CB12 to CB13, mainly out of curiosity to see what the new features are like, or more particularly, their relevance to how I use the program, as a keen amateur and blogger.

First impressions are fairly positive: I like the new annotation panel, though wish the ‘frequently used symbols’ could be user defined, since for instance I often use the ‘better is’ half moon and ‘only move’ square, and even having on the panel the ‘insert text’ ‘insert diagram’ would be good. I think the splitting into two of repertoires, one for white, one for black, must be good, and after forty some years of playing chess I really ought to start work on creating a repertoire (I never have, I play what I feel like). The cloud database concept looks good, and this morning I chose to see how it works. ‘Fairly’ positive because I don’t…

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