Triumph: A Final Move in Photo 101

What oft was thought

To win without risk is to triumph without glory.

~ Pierre Corneille, The Cid

DSCN0778 Queen to e7 checkmate (Coolpix L320)

At last, I come to Photo 101’s final theme, “Triumph” — an aptly titled assignment for the last of 20 subjects. Nine of the themes, plus a weekend gallery, are posted on this site, while the other 11 photos can be viewed at sappy as a tree. Since I’m posting “Triumph” weeks after the course ended, I haven’t covered myself in glory. Still, as an amateur photographer equipped with two point-and-shoot cameras and an iPhone, I have taken risks in Photo 101 — not the least of which was posting my photos next to those of professional photographers and artists.

3292 Checkmate Queen to f7 checkmate (iPhone 5s photo edited in PicMonkey)

My choice of a winning chess move for “Triumph” indicates the duplicitous nature of photography, something that…

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One Response to “Triumph: A Final Move in Photo 101”

  1. Sandi Says:

    Thanks for reblogging! If I didn’t notate the checkmates correctly, let me know — I trusted my ten-year-old.

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