Test your chess: daily chess puzzle # 90


White to play and win, lose or draw?

Evaluate 1 Rg7

D Morschel v D Friedgood 1966

This problem is both easy and hard.

The hard element, to me at least, is looking forward far enough to see ‘is there a win’.

There are two easy elements:

I) white’s position is loose, and if black has a move or two to shore up his defences, such as Bf6 (which also attacks the key Pd4), then it will soon be 0-1;

2) it is easy to see that there is at least a draw.

So, 1 Rg7+ Kg7[] 2 Qh6+ Kg8 (2…Kf7 3 Qg6 mate) 3 Qg6+ and if nothing else, Qh6+ Qg6+ forever.

So, the position below is a stepping stone.

Win or draw?

The first line I looked at was 4 Bh6, with the idea of 4…Rg8 5 Qh5 with the hope of Bf8 mate, or similar…

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