Test your chess: daily chess puzzle # 96


White to play: what result?

G Searll v T Keuvelaer 1984

I changed the rubric from white to play and win to ‘what result?’ to make the task harder. I found it hard enough anyway, and in a game, would merely ‘hope’ that 1 g3! or 1 g4! won (as they do), finding pawn endings hard to calculate. This one is though do-able…there is a forced line, shown below.

1 g3 (I prefer this move to the equivalent 1 g4 – why give yourself the task of calculating two lines, when one will do?) 1…hg 2 Kg3 Kh5 4 h4+ Kh5 5 Kf4

5…Kh4 6 Kf5
And white wins.

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