Test your chess: daily chess puzzle # 102


White to play: is it won or drawn?

AJ Cameron v H Meihuizen 1910

In the game, white repeated by 1 Qh5+, 2 Qh5+, with a draw: which, if I were white, I would do too, fearing that if I tried to play for a win, then I would risk losing, especially given black has many defences.

Reitstein says that close analysis at the time convinced everyone that white could have won by 1 Bh6! which of course is the natural try. I was put off from ‘playing it’ (I try to mirror, to the extent I can, the thinking in a game when solving these daily puzzles, though of course it is not fully possible) by 1…Qd7, thinking that it wasn’t clear after 2 Bg7+ Kh7[].

However, Stockfish tells me that white is clearly winning (+6) after 3 Qh5+! Kg7 4 Rf1!

At first blush, that this is so…

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