A Computer Chess Analysis Interchange Format

Gödel's Lost Letter and P=NP


Steven Edwards is an American computer scientist and chess programmer. Two decades ago he spearheaded the development and adoption of three standards for communicating chess games and their moves.

Today Ken wishes to present a proposed new format for representing computer analysis of chess games and positions.

This will extend Edwards’s work into the 21st century, since it will leverage the rise of computers as the best players in the world. A new standard for chess: sounds about as exciting as watching paint dry—from Dick—with all apologies to Ken.

But it is really important, it raises a number of interesting issues that concern theorists and computer scientists in general. It is a fundamental process like paint drying: if paint stayed wet where would we be?

File formats are everywhere—see this for a list of a countless number of them. Well a lot of them. At least their environment of information…

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