Test your chess: daily chess puzzle # 114


Black to play and win

D Wolf v S Galleid 1983

I found the prosaic 1…Rf2 which wins simply enough. White is forced onto the back rank, when either black can take on a2, which whilst winning a pawn also threatens Ra1 picking up the queen, and white is defenceless. There is one cute line: 1…Rf2 2 Qa5 Kg8 3 Qd8+ Rf8 4 Qd7 Qa1+ mating. So, 1…Rf2 is winning, with Stockfish giving -10.

However, the move played in the game, 1…Bc6, is prettier. After 2 Bc6 Qa1+, white can’t play 3 Kg2 because of 3…Qf1 mate, so instead has to play 3 Re1 when 3…Rf1+ wins the exchange, with a dominating position.

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