3D Printed: Marcel Duchamp’s Chess Set

ryanwetzel blog

It’s been many months since I first talked about printing Marcel Duchamp’s chess set. My exposure to and understanding of 3D Printers have grown quite a bit since then and I’ve recently been logging some time printing on a MakerBot 5th gen.

And at long last, the chess set is complete.


The point of printing the chess set was to gain understanding of the various adjustments that can be made to a print besides the design of the model. I experimented with infill, MakerBot’s pre-set resolution settings (the pawns are printed at standard, all others printed at high), and with supports and the dismantling of supports. I also wanted to print something that wasn’t science or engineering-based, obvious marks for 3D printing since the beginning. I wanted to explore art, art history, and a project that could only exist through a creation mechanism like 3d printing.

I also learned about…

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