Test your chess: daily chess puzzle # 134


Black to play and win

White played 1 Qd5-f3 here

M Findlay v J Gluckman 1993

The motif is clearly back rank mate, and since the Qf5 spies b1, it is only natural to try 1…Ra2!! seeking to deflect the rook. Then, if 2 Qf5, 2….Ra1+ mates; 2 Ra2 Qb1+ mates, 2 Rbe2 Re2 3 Qe2 Qb1+ 4 Qe1 Rd1 skewers the queen.

For what it is worth, white didn’t have a better defence. For instance, 1 Qd5-b3 is met by 1….Ra3! 0-1

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