Test your chess: daily chess puzzle # 141


Black resigned here: should he have done?

D De Vos v C de W de Klerk 1945

With questions like that posed today, you know the answer has to be ‘no’; unless the question is deviously tricky. This one isn’t: it is straightforward, and the answer is no.

1…Ne5 or 1…Nf6 both defend.

1…Ne5 2 Qh4+ Kg6 3 0-0-0 Nc4; or 1…Nf6 2 Qh4+ Nh5.

A key tactical point is that in the 1…Nf6 line, white can’t play 3 g4 because of 3…Bg4[] 4 Qg4 Qb4+, picking up the f4 pawn. So black can play for instance 3…f6 and consolidate.

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