16 Ways Chess Makes Kids Smart

Ideas Out There

These are the key ways in which chess helps to develop young (and not so young) minds:

  1. Chess improves focus and attention by encouraging sustained mental alertness.
  2. Chess develops the skill of tactical and strategic planning.
  3. Because players need to find novel solutions to unpredictable problems, chess improves creativity and problem solving skills.
  4. The great game teaches kids to deal positively with stress and to think on their feet. A large number of tactical problems encountered over a game of chess will be unique and need to be solved under pressure.
  5. Chess nurtures evaluative and critical thinking skills (because kids need to deliberate over, and weigh multiple options carefully).
  6. Chess engenders a positive attitude towards learning. Moreover, because it is a game, and they’re having fun, kids aren’t necessarily aware that they’re learning valuable cognitive skills while they’re playing.
  7. The game builds logical, sequential and analytical thinking while simultaneously bolstering…

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