2015 Susan Polgar Foundation’s National Open for Girls and Boys: U10 Girls Results

2015 SPFNO U10 Girls Results(Photo by Paul Truong)

2015 SPFNO U10 Girls Results(Photo by Paul Truong)




# Name Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Tot Prize
1 ANNAPOORNI MEIYAPPAN 1547 W20 W13 W4 W6 W2 D3 5.5 1st Place
2 RIANNE KE 1634 W10 W11 W5 W3 L1 W4 5.0 2nd Place
3 NASTASSJA A MATUS 1735 W9 W12 W6 L2 W7 D1 4.5 3rd Place
4 KATHERINE RENEE PASK 993 W21 W7 L1 W16 W11 L2 4.0 4th Place
5 SHREE JAY 1134 W22 W8 L2 L11 W9 W13 4.0 5th Place
6 ARYA MALINI BHAT 1166 W14 W16 L3 L1 W17 W11 4.0 6th Place
7 NIVEDHA MANIV 763 W15 L4 W20 W12 L3 W17 4.0 7th Place
8 NETRA THIRUMURUHAN 673 W25 L5 L11 W22 W21 W12 4.0 8th Place
9 ISHA VARADA 628 L3 D17 W14 W19 L5 W16 3.5 9th Place
10 Aditi Borra 599 L2 W23 L12 W15 D16 W20 3.5 10th Place
11 MEGHANA KANCHARLA 807 W23 L2 W8 W5 L4 L6 3.0 11th Place
12 PRISHA JAIN 875 W18 L3 W10 L7 W20 L8 3.0 12th Place
13 ARIANE YEDIDIA 702 W26 L1 W21 L17 W14 L5 3.0 13th Place
14 AMULYA DUSSA 493 L6 W24 L9 X25 L13 W22 3.0 14th Place
15 SUCHI KAMBOJ unr. L7 L22 W18 L10 W26 W21 3.0 15th Place
16 ELIZABETH SHCHEHLIK 732 W24 L6 W22 L4 D10 L9 2.5 16th Place
17 ARELY RAYA 851 D19 D9 H— W13 L6 L7 2.5 17th Place
18 ANOUSHKA KOLLURU 412 L12 D26 L15 L21 W23 B— 2.5 18th Place
19 Sarah Sun 397 D17 L20 W26 L9 H— D24 2.5 19th Place
20 SANJAN MEDIBOYINA 515 L1 W19 L7 W23 L12 L10 2.0 20th Place
21 LALITHA KALLE 452 L4 W25 L13 W18 L8 L15 2.0 1st Place U1000
22 MICAIAH RIBAY 483 L5 W15 L16 L8 W24 L14 2.0
23 KAVYA SHREE PEELA 331 L11 L10 B— L20 L18 W26 2.0
24 VAISHNAVI KOURU unr. L16 L14 L25 W26 L22 D19 1.5
25 FINLEY ELISE LIU unr. L8 L21 W24 F14 U— U— 1.0
26 YAMINI MATHEW unr. L13 D18 L19 L24 L15 L23 0.5

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