Test your chess: daily chess puzzle # 224


White to play and win

K Tip v V Huang 1963

Nice today, if not too hard, for anyone versed in Sacrifices in the Sicilian. 1 Ne6! is a typical biff, winning at least the exchange after 1…Qc6, and more otherwise: a side issue being that the N move biffs the Nb6 by the Qf2/Be3 battery.

Apart from checking that Bh2+ doesn’t do any damage (it doesn’t, in fact it takes a piece away from the defence) all that is needed to check is what happens after 1…fe. When you see 2 Be6+ Kg7 3 Qh4 and if 3…Rh8 4 Rf7+ there is no more to calculate: 1-0.

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