California’s Top Correspondence Chess Players

California has a long and rich history of correspondence chess extending all the way back to the days of the Gold Rush. Below is the list of the top 10 correspondence chess players in the State of California according to the current United States Chess Federation rating list. Panning through the databases for each of these player’s best games will undoubtably provide chess treasure hunters with many undiscovered golden nuggets from California Chess.  
1 Torres, Chris F 2378

2 Kell, Spencer R 2363

3 Bonsack, Laurence T 2362

4 Langland, Thomas P 2304

5 Funston, David A 2297

6 Boles, Robert L 2237

7 Alazawi, Samir 2162

8 Stephenson, Mark A 2156

9 Fees, Dennis 2106

10 Bellnap, Mark S 2089

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One Response to “California’s Top Correspondence Chess Players”

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